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Robert Grischek

Robert’s work is characterized by the unique use of light and grading no matter what the subject might be.
With his exceptional versatility and experience, he works on various playing fields for international brands and magazines.
Robert is based in Hamburg. (...)

Drifting along jobs like carpenter, messenger, assistant for the german news “tagesschau” and further more, Robert finally ended up studying law, because a friend asked him to. After finishing his exam in 1996, taking a year off in San Francisco, he finally found his real passion in photography.
He uses his skills on various fields of photography like fashion, advertising, transportation and portrait. He keeps his certain style and taste. Strong with light and colors.
His national and international awarded work includes campaigns for Mercedes Benz, HRS, German Wings, Rado, Audi, Burlington, Görtz, ZDF, Volkswagen, Panasonic beside others.