Axe | Excite
Axe | Excite

Axe | Excite

What’s behind it all?
BBH had angels literally falling from heaven in this TV spot.  The angels,
seduced by the new AXE fragrance, ripped their halos from
their heads. This leads to the conclusion: make the impossible possible.
A date with an angel.
The 4 angels from the TV spot could be seen on the site
wearing their angel clothing and wings (from The Mill). With a click, the
viewer could then see the 4 angels as mortals.
The result was 4 totally different films connected together by only one thing:
they all are extremely sexy.  Above all, the 4 angels are incredibly sexy as humans.
And the best thing:  the user could win a date with one of the 4 angels.


Client: Unilever

Title: AXE | Excite

Agency: Dokyo

Direction: Tibor Glage


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