European Parliament | Parlamentarium

The largest parliamentary visitors' centre in Europe and the first to be fully operational in 23 languages, Parlamentarium uses an impressive array of interactive multimedia tools on 5,400 square meters. Out team of 15 cross-over experts developed the interactive multimedia installations including two 360 degree cinemas, produced all content (text, film, sound, pictures), and programmed the multimedia tools and a web-based multimedia CMS for the exhibition in a three year time span. General planning, concept, design of the permanent exhibition by Atelier Brückner German exhibition designers from Stuttgart, Germany.

"Superlative project" (HORIZONT, advertising mag)
"Interactive marvel" (3sat, public TV channel)
"Genuinely entertaining and informative" (Financial Times)



Client: European Parliament
Agency: Atelier Brueckner


Image Sources:
JangledNerves &
Rainer Rehfeld


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